A history of quality, passion and professionalism constantly growing up

L.C.M. stands for “Laboratorio Caricamento Munizioni”, that is Ammunition Loading Laboratory, and it’s the name of the company born in 1992 from the passion and knowledge of its founder, Cesare Mai. All along its business years, L.C.M. has now specialized in small arms center fire ammunition, in the most widespread calibers for pistols and revolvers.
The strength of the Company is the constant testing and endless research in the system to improve the production. The internal production of all the equipment guarantees the use of the best technologies to get high quality products.
Thanks to these high-quality standards, L.C.M. became the official supplier of cartridges of the Italian Proof House from the first years of its activity. L.C.M. supplies centerfire ammunition for hand-guns and rifles. These cartridges are assembled following the Proof House specifications to guarantee the best results.
All over these years, the company can count most of the Italian firearm manufacturing companies as its customers.
Up-today L.C.M. is a well-known reality for small caliber ammunition that proposes a wide range of high-quality products, available at the best gunshops and at shooting ranges.

Innovation and customer satisfaction to hit the target in the market

L.C.M. has always designed and realized by itself the necessary equipment for production. The technologic research represents the guideline of the Company activity meant to test the more and more advanced devices to ensure all products meet the highest quality standards.
Customer care and satisfaction are our main targets, which - duly combined with the technological innovation and new products design - grant L.C.M. the opportunity of consolidating the present activity and facing the new market fields, spreading out its presence even abroad.